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ReviewWhy don’t you play fun board games?
Ga-In Jeong, CP Reporter | 승인 2016.08.22 10:05|(255호)

 This article is provided for those who find it boring to play games with friends. This review features board games that everyone can enjoy. Board games are the most popular games in the world and thousands of board game cafe are thriving all across the countries. People are often familiar with board games such as Blue Marble, Halli Galli, Jenga, etc. This review provides what board game is and introduces a few games to play.


 What's the definition of a board game?

 A board is a physical tool on which a game is played. A game is played according to a set of rules. Board games exist also as a tool of communication between people. Best of all, they are fun. Board games are divided into 8 categories: strategy, abstraction, collectable, family, children, party, theme, and war. There are many different kinds of board games.


 1. Coup

 The first game that I recommend is Coup: the Resistance. Participants are given particular jobs, and they should trick other players by cheating.

- Game players: 2 to 6

Two job cards mean that there are 2 lives for each player.

Basic settings: Everyone has 3 coins and 2 job cards. Each character has different skills. A person who remains until the end is the winner.

In this game, you can deceive other players as to what card(s) you have. If your card is shown, it means you lost your life. Bluffing is inextricable part of this game. So, we recommend this game to people who enjoy reasoning and observation on people’s behaviors. If you play with eloquent speakers, the game will be more interesting. Some people would absolutely love this game, while others would not.


 2. Avalon

 Avalon is also a resistance game and involves bluffing. In this game, King Arthur's team led by Merlin fights against the evil of Mordred.

 -Game players: 5 to 10. Some roles possess special skills.

 The game continues, even if you are caught. If you wish to make the game more interesting for you, choose a role that comes equipped with special abilities. You are required to think really hard to play this game. The game has limitless possibilities and outcomes, so there are various strategies to apply. You can intuitively play games once you are familiar with the roles and their special abilities. We recommend this game to people who like to engage in behavior reading or who simply want to play a thrilling board game.


 Why don’t you try and play a board game that you like? There are thousands out there. Why not play it in a cool place away from heat during summer? If you want to create a special, memorable experience with your friends, look no further. If you are curious about the board games that we introduce here, why not try it with your friends?


Ga-In Jeong, CP Reporter  -

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