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ReviewVisiting Unusual cafés is fun!
Ga-In Jeong | 승인 2016.05.18 10:40|(254호)

 Have you heard about unusual cafes?

 What do you usually do with your friends or significant others during cold winter days? Many people probably prefer indoor activities to outdoor ones. Outdoors activities are significantly less than indoors activities. Usually, an indoor activity outside the home meant going to places like singing rooms, bars, PC rooms, or cafes. For cold winter days, I will introduce fun places where you can spend your time, having fun with your friends. I recommend you to visit  three unusual cafés located in Seoul.

 Let's enjoy an unusual cafe!

 #1 A Café for Room Escape Games

 We visited a café named <Code Escape> for the first time. You can find <Code Escape> near Hongdae (Hongik University) or the Gangnam district. We visited the one in Hongdae, so we will introduce it to you. Participants are supposed to enter a theme room which simulates a real situation and must escape from the room in less than 60 minutes by resolving a given mission. <Code Escape> is a new concept of leisure activities. In the room escape games you are given a few scenarios to choose from such as: a prison break, a war, and a detective mission investigating casino poisonings. You can choose one of them. The time limit is 1 hour and you need to reserve in advance on the website. We chose to play the war: we began shooting rampage in a barracks and we had to get out of the room and find a suspect in the game.

Another scenario was called <CODE: The Chamber of Secrets>. If you're wondering about how this unusual café works. That might be a good choice.  I usually recommend it to those who want to experience a <crime scene>.

∙Open: 10:30 AM~10:30 PM

∙Closed: Public holidays

∙Reservations are required!

∙Address: 62, Wausallo Avenue 29, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

∙Phone number: 82- 02-335-1303.


 #2 A Café for psychological healing

 We visited a place named <Mentor> that we had been to before. This cafe is a café where you can know your personality type through Enneagram testing along with a cup of tea. The mood from the decoration is cool because it is made up of blue and white. I encourage you to take your time, do your character test, and drink coffee. The Enneagram of personality types are believable because the counselor can tell your test results. The counselors are kind and passionate. They tell your test results in detail. It was not easy to get to this place, so you’d better call and ask directions in advance.

 The Enneagram tests showed I belonged to nine types and the counselor explained the advantages and disadvantages of each type, and at the same time told me each other's advantages and analysis of one's character. What I chose was ‘personality type + a hot Americano’. You can exchange coffee for a different drink with a little extra charge. I hope you could see the   mascots of lottery if you visit this café. They look so cute. Also, I strongly recommend you to visit this place with your significant others, your best friends or somebody you feel like to fall in love with.

∙Open: 12:00 PM~8:00 PM

∙Closed: Every Thursday

∙Making a reservation is an absolute necessity!

∙Address: 31-10, Wausallo Avenue 21, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

∙Phone number: 82- 070-8879-7676


 #3 A Café for Natural Cosmetics

  Finally, we will introduce Café Agabatti where natural cosmetics can be made by your  own hands. This place is relatively easy to find. I think women will love this cafe. The cafés which we introduced above have the mood of winter. This café is decorated with elegant interiors. There are many kinds of cosmetics from shampoos to skin treatments. The staffs are very kind when giving personal counsel to you on what materials would fit your skin. Just pick the natural materials that you prefer and wait for just about 20 minutes.

 Agabatti is a unique café in that you can make natural cosmetics on your own. The prices of natural cosmetics here and those sold at regular markets are almost similar. You can make cosmetics only. In addition, this café has a machine that mixes pure materials that will make quality cosmetics. It makes you want to visit this café again when you run out of your cosmetics. We suggest you to go to this café if you have a sensitive skin or are interested in skin care.

∙Open: 09:00 AM~09:00 PM (reservations required after 7 p.m.)

∙Closed: every Sunday, public holidays

Aside from natural materials there are a few chemical materials.

∙Address: Dongho 374 - 2, Jung-gu, Seoul Eastern Agabatti building

∙Phone number: 82-070-8864-9542


Why don’t you try an unusual cafe?

In addition, you will see a lot of variety in unusual cafés. There are many different kind of   unusual cafés where you can see animals, solve puzzles, and etc. In Daejeon, we have unusual cafés where you can read comic books, do fishing inside, and so on. Visiting special cafés to experience something different must be better than staying at home during the cold winter. I believe the tours to unusual cafés will make you enjoy and accumulate different memories. How was my introduction of unusual cafés? I hope you, your friends, or your family members can visit   one of these cafés right away. Enjoy different kind of experiences that you never had before in cafés!



Ga-In Jeong  -

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