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Culture SketchThe 90’s Retro Fad
Ga-In Jeong | 승인 2016.05.18 10:10|(254호)


  2015 was a year of restoring old fashion. The beginning of this restoration was a TV entertainment program <Infinite Challenge-Saturday Song Festival>. So restoration has been going on in Korean pop music for a while. The drama <1988, Please Respond> at the end of year influenced our music as well as fashion. The 2015 retro fad is spreading even to the food and beverage industry. The film industry was not exception to this. Culture Sketch will introduce the retro fad to you.

 The reason why the retro phenomenon has appeared

 Nowadays the most frequently used retro period is the 1990s. The reason why the era of restoration is the 1990s- is that this time reached a plateau of political, economic, and cultural content that started to flourish during this period and because such a retro craze evoked memories of that time. This is why many people are also saying that they miss the past. Missing the past means that some think that the 1990s is better than the present day.  <1988, Please Respond> got a lot of love from people because it painted a social scene which was kind-hearted. I think 10 to 20 units indirectly visualized the old days and the viewer could feel the past memories. So a restoration fad has occurred. The retro craze will explain the restoration phenomenon you can see in music, fashion, food, beverages, alcohol, and the film industry.


 Let's now take a look at the retro wave

 It has spread through Korean pop music, the world of fashion, the food and beverage/ alcohol industry, and the film industry.

  The Korean pop music scene

 Last winter, the Korean pop music scene was revived because of <Infinite Challenge- Saturday Song Festival>. Thanks to this show, a lot of old, famous performers' repertoires were once again receiving a lot of love. Typical songs include <The Wrong Meeting>, <Wow>, <Tears>, <Love Is>, <Sorrow>, <Bruises>, etc. The real ripple effect of the <Infinite Challenge-Saturday Song Festival> is tremendous.

 This winter, the original sound track of the drama <1988, Please Respond> got a lot of attention due to the drama. The popular songs included Heokoh’s <The Girl> and Lee Jeok’s <Don’t worry>.

  The world of fashion

 <1988, Please Respond> was the starting point of the retro fashion frenzy. Thanks to it, round eyeglass frames and colored sunglasses were the craze as retro items. Long coats, long cardigans, and long boots were also in style. These retro fashion trends involved a colorful sense of color and flashy design.

 Recommended retro fashion

 1. Striped t-shirts + denim pants

 * Key point! The thickness of the hand line stripe T-shirts and vivid colors and dark are a good combination.

 2. Wide denim pants + cropped t-shirts

 3. When wearing denim overalls, it is best to choose a white shirt and shoes.

Finally, I will introduce the feel of retro fashion accessories.

 1. Hats: Berets - Classy and elegant/Beokitaets- Casual and trendy

 2. Sport hairbands* When you wear a hairband it is better to wear a set of clothes in the same color.

 3. Vivid colored beanie hat.

 4. Circular colored sunglasses frames Why not try and take the challenge of a retro look?

 The food, beverage, and alcohol industries

 The retro trend could be seen in the food, beverage, and alcohol industries because of <1988, Please Respond> as well. The Lotte Confectionery Co. released some items that exactly reproduced package ads from 1988 and copy shops as a commercial in 1988. Many companies tried to apply the old design. As retro trends in alcohol industry, Jinro reproduced beer of the 1980s with the crown design and the same flavor.

 The film industry

 The most obvious example within the film industry of the wave was the re-released films that got so much love. Remastering techniques made the re-release possible. In layman's terms, remastering techniques take old records or films and improve their quality to modern standards. Among the movies that were re-released, the movie <Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind> that expressed a pure and true love was the most beloved one by far. The retro boom in Korean cinema could be exemplified by director Yoon Je-kyun’s <The International Markets> that identifies itself as ‘an anthem dedicated to a father’. It showed deep empathy and nostalgia in a modern history running through a story from my father's generation’. The retro boom in films ranged from < The International Markets> to <Assassination>.

 Finish: the retro fad

 I think the biggest motivation for the retro phenomenon comes from our longing for the past. In fashion and films, these restorations will continue for a long time. Retro fever is a chance to reduce the gap between the generations. However, the retro phenomenon is not always a good thing. When the boom is over, we need to make an effort to produce new culture and trends.

‘trend: what goes around comes around.’

Ga-In Jeong  -

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