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EDITOR'S DESKThink about the people who were there
Baek Jin | 승인 2015.11.25 15:29|(253호)


  As Volume 253 comes out, it means this is my last editor's desk column. I remember the time when I was concerned about the topic for the Volume 250 issue that we published in February. It was fearful to think about 3 more magazines to publish; however, much time has passed since the start. Finally, I reached the last one, and I have mixed emotions that I cannot define easily. One thing's for certain: the Chungdae Post was a huge part of my university life.

  While I should say my final farewell, I guess the readers would prefer something more than an ordinary goodbye. Even though this is my last chance to write a column and communicate with our readers, I will try to talk about a great fury that always breaks my mentality into several pieces. I believe that many Koreans suffer from the same feeling of anger when they are reminded of the 'comfort women.' Undoubtedly, it is a sensitive subject. However, we definitely need to remember it is the comfort women who have suffered; moreover, we should stand against the people who have denied these nameless vices for a long time.

  This is the tragic and excruciating history of Korea like a wave of sorrow. Still, there is a deep-rooted rancor and sadness about how our country was weak in protecting its people. In spite of their painful cries, time has passed. Now, the nation says that the world has changed; furthermore, we have showed unbelievable improvements in technology and the quality of life. However, it does not mean that we should put the issue in the back and try not to see it anymore. Wounds of the past have never healed and have made our country cry continuously over the victims. They are still suffering and waiting while we are spouting on about well-being and other positive sides of life. The point is that Japan should admit what they did in the past and the comfort women need to receive a proper apology.

  I did not even like to use the word 'comfort' for the ladies who are still fighting against all this nonsense. What I want to say for the last line as an editor is that we should remember those wounded victims and try to use our voices for them.




By CP Editor-in-Chief

Baek Jin


Baek Jin  jinny524@cnu.ac.kr

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