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  Paek Dong Mi


  Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering


  The Reading of Travelers     BOOK

 I’ve been travelling quite a bit in this past few years, and one thing I realized is that there is no better time to read than when you travel. There is a lot of time to kill between transits, and especially in places where there is usually no internet connection. I’m going to Japan and India in a couple of months, so when the book was titled <Reading of Travelers> I just could not pass it up.

 As the title suggests, this book is about the author himself going to many different places all over the world, and this book also introduces that he brought something unique with him to each place. One of the reasons why I enjoyed this book so much was not because I could indirectly experience what it feels like to visit some places on Earth that are relatively hard to come by, such as the Middle East and Latin America, but also the author speaks in a very calming way unlike some other travelling books that are sometimes overly dramatic. It got me to really want to read some of the books he recommended. Also, there are many pictures taken by the author which will help you feel the vibe of the site.

 It mainly focuses on the books and connection with the sites/authors rather than the travelling itself. So if you want some information about travelling, you might want to look for some other books. However, if you like reading while travelling, and you are eager for some recommended book, I’d say this one’s for you.



Kim Yu Jeong


  Department of Political science and Diplomacy


  My Old Orange Tree   MUSIC 

  When I listened to this song for the first time on radio program, I was a first year middle school student. When I was scheduled to take an exam, I started listening the radio again after a long time. That program was called the 'Blue night of Jong Hyun'- Jong hyun was a DJ and a member of SHINEE, a group that has been gaining popularity internationally.

   On the radio, the first sound I hear is the clear girls’ voices that I have never heard before. They were a pair from a female indie band, 'lalasweet'. The song that I heard at that moment was 'My old orange tree'. They participated in the ‘MBC A University Song Festival’ held in 2008. They were awarded the prize with this song. When I first listened to this song I felt “that replaces skepticism inside of me warming about the past days".

   This song is about expectation and heart fluttering, for the distant future, which is concealed in our purity, that we had when we were shortise, a dim past. Also, this song makes us realize that 'I'm already grown-up now when I grasps that there is any very wide boundary where I can extend my hand,' Lalasweet has their own soft but strong sensitivity. In this song, abstract lyrics are distinct compared to other songs. 

   Also, I brought 'The little prince' into my mind when hearing the lyrics. Part of its lyrics, 'forgot a little boy who could not grow up knowing nothing of the world, turned and left' It looks a lot like the little prince who lets everything go between people who are ignoring his purity.

   'My old orange tree' isn't a well-known song to the public- however, it is the most significant song to me. If you listen to this song, before you know, you can find yourself falling for lalasweet.




   Jeong Baek Gyeong


   Business management


  A Few Good Men   MOVIE

   At a U.S. naval base, two young Marines were murdered. The murderer was the boss of two dead men in the American Navy. The vicious boss pleaded his innocence. He said that he just caused violence unintentionally because he wanted to give lessons to his direct subordinates and he hoped that his subordinates would perform their mission in the navy civilly. However, the clues at the site of the murder didn't seem like he had just tried to chasten them.

  Therefore- the main characters, acted by Cruise and Moore, tried to find the truth of the murder case. As I was watching this movie, observing the change of characters was one of the most interesting and enjoying things. The trial scenes provide tensions and help the audience to pay attention until the end of movie.

   Indeed, there's the most important scene in this movie: the final encounter between the lawyer Cruise and the witness Nicholson. Cruise had basically practiced his role again and again for a perfect scene. He thought his role's personality is admirable and is claiming his own patriotism strongly. Therefore, he tried to express the role's admiralty. He puts a three-dimensional character in presence into this archetypal role. In the last of this movie left following favorably quoted lines that make us reflect ourselves deeply- "You can't handle the truth."


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