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Lee ji seon | 승인 2015.11.24 15:45|(253호)

    Try to Sweep Away The Dust in our Minds ?


     The Musical   “Laundry”

  Have you ever thought your life is difficult? Then, I encourage you to watch the musical “Laundry”. It is in its 10th performance in Korea and the third in Japan. Are you wondering what this musical is all about? The CP reporter will introduce this musical show in as detailed a way as possible! The warmest welcome to the musical “Laundry.” Let’s watch it together!




   The Plot of This Show

  There is an actress named Na-Young who lives in a semi-basement in a poor hillside village in Seoul and works as a temporary worker. She earns a meager living. On a single day, Na-young went up to the roof trying to do the laundry because she lives in a semi-basement. While washing, Na-young meets an immigrant worker named Sollonggo who comes from Mongolia. Gradually, they fall in love. They experience discrimination against part-time workers and immigrant workers, so they suffered mental and physical pain. However, they never minded this pain because they have a positive attitude. Also, neighbors who share their pains helped them to live their lives positively. Finally, the musical finishes with a happy ending.



    CP Reporter recommends the best scenes

  1. The owner of a house does the laundry for what reason? If you heard the owner’s story, maybe you will cry.

  2. Michael, who comes from Vietnam says, “I know a Korean”. CP will give you a hint. Michael learns a lesson in the factory, not in a school!

  3. In the middle of the show, the actress of the musical Na-yeong sings a song. The lyrics of the song are very impressive.

    We remove the stain of yesterday, shake the dust off today, wear ironed clothes, and shake the dust off today while doing the laundry.

  4. Pay attention to the bus scenes. This musical bus is much the same with a real bus.

  5. In the middle of the show, the man tries to pee in the street but it fail. What happened? That’s a secret. If you’re wondering about this reason, then you had better watch this musical!

     Grade by CP Reporter


    The reason why CP gave this drama the grade of 4 stars. 
    First of all, the actors sing their songs well. These parts will help you enjoy the musical’s long running time. As a result, audiences are never bored. 

    Second, the plot arouses sympathy in audiences. We know our lives look like the actresses Sollonggo (is he an actress?) and Na-yeong. You can have a healing time by laughing and crying while watching the show.

    Third, you can feel cool when you watch the scene “doing the laundry”.

    Fourth, in order to catch the audience’s attention, they use many props. They do the laundry and drink beers!

    Nevertheless, there are some unsatisfying points.

    First, there are few interactions between the actors and the audience. Also, there are no photos after the show. Many people felt disappointed about this.

    Second, sometimes the actor’s voices can’t be heard well.


 Information about The musical of Laundry

 Period: June 16th, 2015 ~ February 28th, 2016

Wed - 4PM, 8PM/Thu, Fri - 8PM

Sat - 3PM, 7PM/Sun - 4PM

 Location: Oriental Art Theater 1. If you use the subway, you can get off at the Hyehwa station (Exit 1)

Ticket prices: Adult ? 50,000 won

(If you’re below 25 years old, you can be admitted for 30,000 won. Please take your identification card with you)

 Running time: 3 hours (Intermission - 15 minutes)


By CP reporter

Lee ji seon


Lee ji seon  jisun7124@cnu.ac.kr

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