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Lee Ji Seon | 승인 2015.09.03 15:33|(252호)



Attracting People's Hearts

with Elegance and a Joyful Mind


Have you ever heard of the phrase “going on a diet has to use photoshop”? This sentence was said by the company of Woowahan Brothers and Sisters. Seong Ho Gyeong is the team leader for public relations. Let's meet him and learn how he performs in the marketing and public relations field.


1. You graduated from the Department of Clothing and Fashion. There is no obvious relation between clothing and marketing. Did you have a special reason for choosing this job?

There are many major subjects. In all of the subjects I took, my favorite was fashion marketing. I learned slowly through experience, and then I realized that I like public relations and marketing. After realizing this, I got a job in this field.


2. The company Woowahan sister and brother was evaluated by a university student as a good company to work for. When I searched the homepage, I found that many bucket lists can be found there. What is your favorite bucket list?

I like the bucket list "company of a proud family". The first time I joined the company, the president sent my family a cake and a letter with the CEO's own handwriting. So, the family ate the cake and felt happy. Also, we have a program called "ji man na" (meet right now). That means getting off of work early in case of a family matter, like a birthday. Thanks to the consideration of the company, both my family and I were happy.


3. Did you have any trouble while starting the service called the "delivery of people"?

The “delivery of people”is a new service which uses information technology. So, it is difficult to make the idea of this service known to people. After the TV advertisement, many people knew the name "delivery of people" but still they don't have the accurate information. So, it is hard to inform customers accurately.


4. Although “delivery of people” is a top honor in the field of delivery service, the company still tries to attract customers. What is the main factor in an advertisement in order to attract more customers?

My company's main target is the young. Once the product is posted on the menu, mostly young people attempt to make an order. They are interested in fast culture changes, such as funny things. So, our company responds to this target. Also, our objective is to produce a brand loved by the young.


5. The company's model in its advertisement, the “delivery of people,”is Ryu Seung Ryong. What is your standard for choosing a model for the advertisement?

There is no standard. Simply, our company is the first to introduce an application from advertising on TV. So we wanted to contact a so-called A-class star. Because many stars didn't know our company, they couldn't work for our company's the advertisement. At that moment, Ryu Seung Ryong agreed to work for our company’s advertisement. After the signing contract, we tried to make a story appropriate for him. Consequently, the advertisement caused a lot of buzz.



6. Please let me introduce the episode which is the most impressive.

Last year, we had a special event with the Wemape Company called "Black Fried Day". According to this event, we were supposed to give a 50% discount coupon for chicken after Black Friday. Thanks to chicken's power, Wemape's server shut down. Also, some customers felt disappointed. This Black Fried Day made a strong impact on people.


7. Please tell me the difference between your application "delivery of people" and others.

There are a few differences in terms of service, but we think that we are different in terms of service quality and brand value. We have a definite target baby and we will handle their culture as soon as possible. Furthermore, in line with our vision, we make an effort to give a benefit to the users; and to the CEO, who also uses the application,“delivery of people”.


8. Do you have any reason to use the font names Hanna and Jua?

We wished for a unique "delivery of people" font. When many people know Hanna and Jua fonts, maybe they can recall our brand name easily. In addition, we think this font is doing the marketing consistently.


9. By taking advantage of the Hanna and Jua font, the company developed new brands of goods. Can you tell me about the original brand idea?

I think the cap is the most original idea. This product hasn't come out on the market yet. Usually, many products go through the process of producing a product and then creating a name for it, but the cap went through the process of naming first before making the product.


10. Please give a piece of advice to our students who are interested in marketing and advertising.

I know that university students are really busy. They have to build qualifications, work at a part-time job, and study hard. But curiosity doesn’t stop. In addition, buy something using the money in your pocket and meet people who can help give you direction. I want to say that students need to experiences as many as possible. In the future, these experiences will be helping you clearly.




Lee Ji Seon  jisun7124@cnu.ac.kr

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