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OPINION“Agreement with the continued naturalization of foreigners”
충대신문 | 승인 2015.06.11 10:31|(251호)


  Agreement with the continued naturalization of foreigners


   It is a benefit to us to embrace foreign workers into our society




    Hwang Jong bae

    Senior, Material Science and Engineering


  All of the pros and cons of this problem have their own basis, so people can choose any attitude by their own preferences. However, I reckon it is worth it to think about the essence of the problem without other readers’ prejudices. We have to see what the benefits are to us or what harm may befall us. Of course, some people say that we have to help immigrants because they are also a part of our society, and they are also human beings who should be respected. However, public opinion says that to embrace them in our society requires a lot of social costs; even though they can get some rights, they are not liable to pay taxation and military duty, etc. What’s more, I think if we leave them as illegal immigrants, some owners of factories can abuse this situation and exploit them with unreasonably low pay for the work they do. So there is nothing profitable for us to take them as a part of our society.

  I want to say that we should accept that immigrants are increasing in our country and we have to try to make them a part of our society. The only thing I can say is that the conditions that they are working in should be fair because they are also human-beings to be respected. I want them to be treated with fairness here in Korea and, I hope they prove their own potential in our country someday.




  What are we afraid for?




    Sohn Jun Ha

    Sophomore, Department of Mechatronics Engineering

  Every year, since foreigners are flowing into South Korea increasingly, various cases that were foreseen in the past are actually happening, South Koreans are suffering in life-threatening situations caused by foreigners. The influx of foreigners cannot be avoided in a global society, and there is no reason to avoid it. Modern ideas include advocating freedom and equality for everyone. If the problems we are experiencing are caused by foreign naturalization, people who live in this land have the responsibility. Everyone wants to make his own profits. Therefore, we need an appropriate wariness of foreigner. However, wariness should not become outright "fear". By being wary, rather than xenophobic, there must be "awareness". A policy grounded in rationality will be able to provide protection to our citizens as well as foreigners without actual discrimination. The sound ideas of individuals will be able to view them as partners. However, South Korea does not need to follow them. South Korea should make regulated to protect the value. Eventually it will depend on the will of the people living here. Foreigners will not be accepted simply as Koreans; at the same time, it also needs foreigners who wish to be accepted by Koreans to commit to their voluntary efforts and responsibilities. Koreans and foreigners have the same responsibilities. When Koreans and foreigners work together to solve the problems of naturalization, South Korea will be able to get a new position in the world. We need not be afraid of accepting foreigners into our society.


 Disagreement with the continued naturalization of foreigners




   It isn’t the time.



    Song Jun ha

    Sophomore, Department of Sociology

  These days, while the whole world is on its way to total globalization, and some countries are there already, Korea is facing a big problem on its way. A few month ago, the politician Jasmine Lee, an MP from the Saenuri party, proposed a bill about foreign naturalization. It deals with/causes {meaning?} a big problem in Korean society. In this bill (meaning?), naturalized citizens would take less responsibility compared to that of Koreans. Tax or military service, could be examples. It means the bills for foreigners who are waiting for naturalization is a non-duty free ride, nothing more.

  Also, we have difficulties understanding foreigners. Since our culture is based on a single ethnicity, we still do not understand the ways of our foreign workers well. It is a huge problem that our society needs to change but in very few cases foreigners themselves cause big problems, which can be an issue in Korea. A bigger issue is the stereotypes that we Koreans have toward foreigners.

  Frankly speaking, Korea is not ready for globalization. In terms of social flow, our social atmosphere is not in the mood of welcoming foreigners, and the consciousness of our people is not ready. We feel a lack of related bills or preparation and expertise. We are making our decisions with haste. Our society has faced a lot of big problems through rapid development. We shouldn’t make the same mistake. It isn’t the time.





  The debate over the naturalization of foreigners in Korea



    Lee Seokjoo

    Senior, Department of Chemistry

  Many people emigrate to other countries. The same situation is happening in South Korea. South Korea is a good place to work because Korean people are reluctant to do hard work, the so-called 3D jobs (Dangerous, Difficult, Dirty). This is also good for us because we can have foreigners who can work in these 3D areas, which helps to solve the lack of labor force in Korea. It also has negative effects that we are not ready for. Unfortunately, the number of crimes is increasing with the increasing number of foreigners. We really do not have any solutions for our current problems, even though we are accepting foreigners into our country. The problems we face are not going to be solved in the short-term and we need to go through them even if it takes a long time. Some people might oppose my idea by stating that it is dangerous to accept foreigners before the problems with foreigners are solved.

  However, we need foreign workers now who can work in the areas of 3D jobs, otherwise we will have some economic problems which are more severe than the problems from foreigners. Legislating laws and regulations does not take too much time in comparison with growing populations. Having failed to accept enough foreigners, even some countries in Europe announced their own multicultural policies, so we need to get used to living with foreigners and globalization. We need to find another way for foreigners as well as for Koreans to live and work together so that we can have harmony.




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