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EDITOR’S DESK“Leadership is not about titles. It is about one life influencing another.”
Choi Shi-young | 승인 2014.05.23 16:42|(247호)


   The worst tragic incident throughout my life occurred in Jin-Do on April 16, 2014. The Sewol Ferry tragedy shocked the whole country. Hundreds of people died and there are still lots of missing people. The fact that most of victims were high school students caused our society a great grief. Old as history is, and as numerous are its tragedies, I doubt if any death has caused so much pain to Korean as the victims of this incident’s. 

   Above of all else, the fact that the captain left the ship so quickly and the students were not evacuated was most shocking. He had to be responsible for his passengers. However, he left passengers in the ship and escaped from the sinking ship to save his own skin. His conduct was widely regarded to be a violation of the historical maritime principle that the captain goes down with the ship.

   This worst tragedy reminds me what the leadership is. I will introduce a man whose name is Gwon young-ju who was example of what the leader’s responsibility is. He graduated from Chungnam National University and he was commissioned through the 116th ROTC as a second lieutenant in 1979. When his platoon had been under training, a fire started in his platoon’s tank. After the fire, he tried to save his inferiors. All of his inferiors were saved but he couldn’t escape from the tank. At last, he died trapped in the tank. That is the leader’s responsibility.

   The responsibility of a ship's captain at sea is inescapable. He or she is entrusted with the safe navigation and the safe passage of the ship and passenger. It is absolute and irrevocable. The job mandates the preparation necessary to cope with any eventuality encountered during that passage. It's about competence, training and ensured trust. His irresponsible behavior had a huge influence on whole nation.

Choi Shi-young  mangoo444@cnu.ac.kr

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