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[EDITOR’S DESK] The First Page, But Also The Last Page
Kwon Da-sol | 승인 2013.11.28 15:36|(245호)

Time flies.
It’s already the last page of my article in
The Chungdae Post.

   April, 2011. “We need new reporters. Reporters who have ‘pride’ and ‘passion’ for the ‘post.’” On watching this banner ad of The Chungdae Post, I thought that I was the right person. With great pride and passion, I became a cub reporter here. Two months after training to be a good reporter, I got a key; the key I could go in and out of the editorial office freely. From that time, I got to be a real member of The Chungdae Post. I learned, dreamed, and worked hard with my colleagues.

   June, 2012. I got an F. It means that I got an academic probation. The priority for me was only
news gathering, not my school record. Wherever I took an item, I went to those places without any
consideration. Thanks to my foolish passion, I got the worst grade I’ve ever had. But there’s no regret. Still, I’m proud of my passion. I became a real reporter, not a cub reporter. To whomever I met, I could give them my own card, and show them my press card.

   November, 2013. Only one month is left for me. Three years just flew by. As an Editor-in-Chief of The Chungdae Post, I’ve acted like a real adult, because I have had a great responsibility on hand. My new reporters with ‘pride’ and ‘passion’ for the ‘post’ are just following my way. I meet many professors, and representatives. Always I feel I’m shouldering some big burden. And sometimes, wipe my eyes, like just a 22year-old-student. But, at the end of my life as a member of The Chungdae Post, I feel something lacking. With full of special memories, I’m ready to leave. This 245th magazine is my final work

I'll miss my CP family, and you, the readers.
Thank you.

By Kwon Da-sol Editor-in-Chief / dasol 22@cnu.ac.kr

Kwon Da-sol  dasol422@cnu.ac.kr

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