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[CNU'S EXES] Moderation, No More and No Less
Lee Ji-hye | 승인 2013.07.30 16:38|(243호)

   At Seongbuk-dong, Kangbuk of seoul, I met a stage actor, named Nam Myeong-ryeol. He was old but strong and powerful. We were both full of joy when he talked about various aspects of his life. Let’s meet Nam Myeong-ryeol, our senior, who likes to freely express himself. 

 Nam Myeong-ryeol, Who Am I?
   First, I am a 54 year-old irresponsible man. At the age of 35, I quit my job as a salesman to have fun and play. Second, I am a patient man. Although it is very hard at times, I exercise patience to accomplish my goals. Lastly, I am a guy who knows the value of moderation. I feel pain less than others and delight less than others, as well. I try to look at everything objectively.

 School Man
   I always acted according to the script. I went to university, and got married, and went to work for a company because it fit the situation. I regret that I lived so long without my own will. I never liked the fact that I never did what I really wanted to do. I don’t want you to live like I did.

 Journey to Play
   As I mentioned, I quit my job as a salesman. It was unrewarding. At that job, I was only evaluated according to the goals and quotas set by the company. I was fed up this meaningless life and decided to quit. I quit this job to become a stage actor. It was my last chance. Being a member of Sinabro, a collegiate theatrical society, I had been acting while I working as a salesman. While acting, I was picked up by a theater director and moved to Seoul. Although I knew everything would be okay after picking up and coming Seoul, it didn’t work out. I dreamed of appearing on stage, but I didn’t receive any chance. I endured, and endured and endured until I got the chance and that is why I am here now.

 A Memorable Play
   “Blacken Love”, “Seagull”, and “Sea and Parasol” are plays that are most memorable to me. They are also the most meaningful. Although most plays don’t have a profound impact on my everyday routine, these particular plays had a profound effect on my outlook and understanding.

   I am practicing a play, “I am My Own Wife”, which is expected to run from May to June. It deals with transgender issues. The title and the plot are one in the same. A man named “She”, who is transgendered, has not worn a man’s clothes since the age of fifteen years. When her mom asked when she would marry, she said, “I am my own wife.” Not to disappoint fans who support me and come to see my plays, I will do my best to give a good show.

 To My Juniors
   Life isn’t short. Early success doesn’t mean that it will be sustained to the end. Don’t be disappointed quickly and don’t get happy quickly. Moderation is key. You have to find something that will end well. However, you sometimes have to make bold decisions. If you regulate these passions, you will reach your goal.


By Lee Ji-hye  CP Reportersisjihye@cnu.ac.kr

Lee Ji-hye  sisjihye@cnu.ac.kr

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