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Park Jeong-yeon CP Reporter
      After work, <The Chungdae Post> family often goes out for dinner and drinks; all expenses paid by the organization. Sometimes we tour broadcasting companies like the CJ E&M center and SBS in Seoul to learn more about the process of making TV programs and newspapers. So, if you have a dream related with journalism or media, please knock the door of <The Chungdae Post>. I guarantee you won’t regret.


Lee Ji-hye CP Reporter
      I couldn’t forget the day I came in contact with <The Chungdae Post> for the first time. The atmosphere was so unfamiliar that I thought I would quit. However, I’m still here and became a reporter. Do you want to know what made me stay? The answer is my colleagues. They helped me and supported me, and I was able to remain here as the 50th reporter. If you want true friendship, there is <The Chungdae Post>, school newspaper.


Kwon Da-sol Editor-in-Chief
      Since 1975, <The Chungdae Post> has been published as Chungnam National University’s English-version magazine. <The Chungdae Post> is a representative medium of CNU; hence, our reporters have great pride in the publication. We also have successful alumni throughout our society. They range from broadcasters, journalists, CEOs, lawyers, school teachers, etc. Everyone, past and present, truly appreciates our honored tradition.


Kim Su-ji CP Reporter
      About this time last year, I applied for <The Chungdae Post>’s reporter position, feeling half of anticipation and half uneasiness. Nearly one year later, I am sure that I made the right choice. While working here, I do a series of tasks and it helps me in many ways. This experience gives me many chances to gain a lot of knowledge, meet nice people, and also gain self-confidence. I believe I will never forget the good memories I’ve gained from working with <The Chungdae Post>.


Choi Shi-young CP Reporter
      You can have diverse experiences if you join us. When you go out to cover a story, you can meet many people with varied careers. While participating in <The Chungdae Post>, I have learned many things from many people. You can also visit many places like Suncheon Bay, Yeo-su expo, etc. With <The Chungdae Post>, you can gain a broad experience not available through other clubs.

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